About Sunshine Labs LLC

About Us

Sunshine Labs is a business services company located in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

Started in 2014 as a business consulting and rental company in Longwood, Florida. We were a recipent of a Small Business Administration award for Hardware Accelerators in 2014, and helped a number of local hardware and tech businesses begin and expand their operations.

In 2016, we changed our location to Cocoa Beach, Florida. This allows us to prioritize our families, and serve the beachside area.

We have expanded our services to share our expertise in short-term property management. We have been AirBnB hosts since 2015 and attained Superhost status the next year. Recently we have begun helping others with their short term rental management. This includes cleaning, checking rentals, and informing/resolving maintenance issues. Some minor issues we can resolve ourselves with our own staff, and we can coordinate for larger repairs from our experience with local contractors.

Our biggest concern when we began managing our own properties, was reliability. Being able to count on, when we contracted a service, that the job would get done, and get done right, and we would be updated on the status. Now as we expand our services, we make sure those same needs are met for others.

  • What needs to be done?
  • Getting it done right
  • Clear communication about options and cost
  • Follow-up to confirm it was done

Our Team

Brooks Rampersad

Owner and Founder

Brooks has years of experience with property maintenance and cleaning. Add on a master's degree in Electrical Engineering, and 8 years of owning her own consulting business. Brooks' goal is to get the job done, and done right.

OmWhitney Rampersad


Married to Brooks since 2014, Om's background is in security, with a degree in Criminal Justice. His specialty is management and coordination. He keeps things running smoothly and coordinates with contractors and services.